Educational Use

The following prices are for Educational use only. If you are an individual who wants to watch the films at home, please see above!
Streaming rights are available. For pricing and details, please contact us.

My Neighbor My Killer Gacaca: Living Together Again in Rwanda? In Rwanda we say... The family that does not speak dies The Notebooks of Memory
80 minutes / 2009 55 minutes / 2002 54 minutes / 2004 53 minutes / 2009
Educational Version $420 $390 $390 $390
High Schools and Public Libraries $150 $130 $130 $130
Educational Bundles The Complete Series
4 DVDs
$1200 (Save $390)
Gacaca Film Trilogy
3 DVDs
$950 (Save $220)
High School and Public Libraries Bundles The Complete Series
4 DVDs
$430 (Save $110)
Gacaca Film Trilogy
3 DVDs
$310 (Save $80)
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Special discounts for upgrades from VHS to DVD. For details, please contact us.
DVDs include public performance rights for educational use. (EDUCATIONAL USE RIGHTS: DVDs are licensed with Public Performance Rights for non-commercial and educational exhibition when no admission fee is charged. DVDs are "Leased for the life of the media." Licensing Agreements: My Neighbor My Killer, Gacaca, In Rwanda We Say..., Notebooks of Memory)
Please order on official institutional letterhead, by Purchase Order, or pay by check in advance of shipping.

Home Video

Shipping & handling: $10/DVD, $15/boxsets. Streaming available through Distrify.