Gacaca, Living Together Again In Rwanda?

Unesco Fellini Prize 2003

The first film in this award-winning trilogy ventures into the rural heart of the African nation of Rwanda.

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Follow the first steps in one of the world’s boldest experiments in reconciliation: the Gacaca (Ga-CHA-cha) Tribunals. These are a new form of citizen-based justice aimed at unifying this country of 8 million people after the 1994 genocide which claimed over 800,000 lives in 100 days. While world attention is focused on the unfolding procedures, award-winning documentarian Anne Aghion bypasses the usual interviews with politicians and international aid workers, skips the statistics, and goes directly to the emotional core of the story, talking one-on-one with survivors and accused killers alike. In this powerful, compassionate and insightful film, with almost no narration, and using only original footage, she captures first-hand how ordinary people struggle to find a future after cataclysm.

Film Credits:

  • Director: Anne Aghion
  • Producers: Philip Brooks, Laurent Bocahut, Anne Aghion
  • Editor: Nadia Ben Rachid
  • Photography: Mathieu Hagnery,James Kakwerere
  • Sound Recordist: Pierre Camus
  • Sound Editor: Anne Marguerite Monory
  • Sound Mixer: Stéphane Larrat
  • Consultant: Jihan El-Tahri
  • Production Administration: Benoit Gryspeerdt, Nadège Hasson
  • Translation / Interpretation: Jean Pierre Sagahutu, Pauline Ligtenberg-Mukabalisa, Assumpta Mugiraneza, Jean Damascène Bizimana, Ephrem Gasasira, Stanislas Kanyanzira, Jean de Dieu Karangwa, Geneviève Mukandekezi, Charles Rubagumya, Joseph Ufiteyezu, Mélanie Uwamaliya
The film was supported by a grant from The Soros Documentary Fund of the Open Society Institute, along with the help of The Sundance Documentary Fund (a program of the Sundance Institute) and with the logistical support of RCN Justice & Démocratie

Produced with support from:

  • The United States Institute of Peace
  • The Procirep and the French Centre National de la Cinématographie
  • The Church Development Service (EED) by means of the ABP (Germany)