Sales / Streaming

The following prices are for Educational use only. Streaming rights are available. For pricing and details, please contact us. If you are an individual who wants to watch the films at home, please scroll to home use at page bottom.

Please note that shipping and handling for all orders is $10.00 per DVD.
Special discounts for upgrades from VHS to DVD. For details, please contact us.
DVDs include public performance rights for educational use. (EDUCATIONAL USE RIGHTS: DVDs are licensed with Public Performance Rights for non-commercial and educational exhibition when no admission fee is charged. DVDs are “Leased for the life of the media.” Licensing Agreements: My Neighbor My Killer, Gacaca, In Rwanda We Say…, Notebooks of Memory.

Home Video – English

For personal use only. Shipping & handling: $10/DVD, $15/boxsets. Streaming available through Vimeo.

Home Video – Other Languages